Dr. Douglas Wine’s Personal Chronic Lyme Disease History

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Dr. Douglas Wine contracted Lyme Disease in 1990. He recalls being covered with ticks while clearing a piece of land he bought just north of Boston. Dr. Wine and his family were still living in Europe at that time and once he was back home in France, the Health conscious Doctor began experiencing severe joint pain and headaches. After several weeks and consulting many of his Doctor friends, he realized he had all the symptoms of Lyme Disease.
Dr. Wine was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the most well renowned doctors and scientists in France and Switzerland that were able to give him sound advice. He was able to manage his Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms for a dozen or so years, like so many other Lyme Disease Patients, just struggling to make it through each day.
The turning point for Doctor Wine happened when he was on another visit to New England, and decided to make an appointment with a “Lyme Specialist” at one of the most well-known Hospitals in Boston. After being told it was all in his head, it was then he decided if he was to beat this debilitating Lyme Disease, he was going to have to figure it out himself using all means possible including the top Laser experts in the world.
Approximately seven to eight years later, Dr. Wine had the keys to successfully develop the Lyme Laser protocol. Since 2008 he has successfully helped Lyme Disease sufferers get well through the Lyme Laser Protocol.
Being able to penetrate the protective bio-film in order to eliminate the Lyme Spirochete is the first step in getting Healthy, but pinpointing exactly how Lyme Disease has devastated each and every patient is just as important. The second major key to the success of the Lyme Laser Protocol is the Lyme Cofactor Assessment. This 570 question Assessment will dictate exactly what is necessary to get you feeling better and on your way back to being a better you.

The Lyme Cofactor Assessment can be taken for FREE for a limited time at the Lyme Laser Centers of New England located in North Andover, Massachusetts. Keep in touch by visiting www.LymeLaser.com┬áto get more information and find one of our new locations opening soon. We’d also love to have you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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